This page contains information about retrieving a set of references and their ID's.

The References API serves as a central repository for various reference data types for verification. This API provides access to reference information, which are organised into categories. These include:

  • Country: A list of countries and their ISO codes.

  • Document types: These are the available document types that the customer can select as part of the proof of address upload.

  • Industry: A list of selectable industries for your account settings.

  • Individual check field status: Each check can have a set of underlying results. These are represented by the check field results and can have the following status; 'pending', 'accepted', 'rejected'. These underlying results are what determines whether the check has passed or needs to be reviewed.

  • Individual check status: Each check can have the following status; 'pending', 'review', 'accepted', 'manually_accepted' or 'manually_rejected'.

  • Individual status: The progress of the customer completing their mobile app actions. They can be 'pending' or 'completed'. Only 'completed' individuals will have a customer report.

  • Mandate status: The progress of the application. This can be 'new', 'in progress', 'in review', 'completed' or 'rejected'.

  • Mandate type: A list of mandate/application types available. The information gathered and checks completed for the individuals associated with the mandate.

  • Title: The acceptable titles for submitting the customers details as part of the create application process.

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